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Our new favorite video! The Speed Deluxe Vintage 1000.

There is nothing new under the sun. You can google that to see where that phrase started. We have this amazing idea to do a cross country adventure on old bikes… as it turns out the folks at “Speed Deluxe” have been doing something very similar for the past 4 or 5 years – and it looks awesome! We have watched this short film about

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48 Hour Camaro – Looking back

Back in the fall of 2010 a friend and I started our own media production company. We saw the need for video production work in our industry and had a few ideas on some special events and video concepts we thought would work. The idea of the 48 Hour Build came up during a discussion with Bret Voelkel and Chad Reynolds just a few weeks

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Adventure: 2012 Goodguys’ Rodfather Tour

Back in 2012 the folks at Goodguys teamed up with Andy Brizio to hold an epic road trip. The plan was to have a small group of Andy’s friends to join him for his 83rd birthday and drive from the San Francisco Bay Area to Indianapolis for the Goodguys show. It turned out to be right at 100 hot rods and a few hundred friends…

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Road Trip for ALS in a 57 Chevy Wagon

We found this on one of our favorite websites, (we check their site every day and we suggest you do the same). Taking to the road to raise money for ALS is good… doing it in a cool 57 Chevy wagon sporting amazing vintage patina style… well that is a journey we can really dig.   Visit for more information  

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Porsche 356 – A coffee shop owner’s tool to connect people

This video is intended to sell us motor oil, being produced by Mobil 1, but it sure hits on many of our themes around here at Miles and Hours. We particularly relish the relationship that Nico Samaras shares with his father around the common interest of the Porsche 356 and Nico’s use of his passion for cars and coffee to bring people together, not to boast

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