Friday, July 1, 2022

A deven day trip to Colorado's Pike Peak from Southern Indiana. Taking nothing but back roads and off the beaten path routes. Average speed will be well under 45 MPH. The adventure will be shared by a small group of men, some on motorcycles of various kinds.

Pikes Peak 1440-168 News & Info

Strategy for the Pikes Peak 1440 -168

Any great Adventure starts with an idea... this idea has been brewing for some time now, and you can read about how it...

What are we thinking? The idea behind the Pikes Peak 1440 – 168

A group of six men were sitting at a picnic table, taking a break from hiking. We were pondering life, purpose, possessions, and personal...

Pikes Peak – experiencing the indescribable

My personal experience with Pikes Peak started in 1983 when I was 12 and we visited on a summer vacation. I've returned two more... Online Mapping Tool – Quick Review for Adventure Trip Planning

Planning the trip is, in many ways, the best part of the experience. Researching, mapping, looking for short-cuts, or in our case interesting "long-cuts"...

Daily Route plans