Sunday, June 4, 2023


It starts with recognizing there is something built in us that longs to explore and be challenged. If we’re honest, there is even an need to take risk. It would be easy to find a quote by some famous-dead-poet to illustrate the point, but is it really necessary? Just think about it on your own, and come to your own conclusion. If you don’t feel the call to new, challenging, risky, adventures, then consider what roads you have taken to cause you to be so comfortable and content, or… complacent? The hard question is, have you arrived, or merely settled? This is why we start with adventure… the spirit of accepting a challenge to explore for the sake of discovery is core to our experience and we want to reclaim this spirit from the weary, day-to-day routine, reignite passions, and fuel our thirst for personal growth through adventure.


Solitude can be good for a season, but time is better with traveling companions. Support, encouragement, and accountability are just a few of the advantages of doing life in community. Making new-old-friends and growing existing friendships along the trail is therefore a central component to our content.


Experience leads to learning. Placing ourselves in new surroundings, exploring with friends and being intentional about creating learning opportunities is a major reason for the miles and hours experience.


Finally, every good journey makes a good story, and if we take the time to share our experience with the intention to encourage and grow others, we may inspire them to change the path of their own life’s Journey.