We have a Garmin Inreach device with us on our ride.

The Inreach is a satellite communicator. It does a few things for us:

  • Provides an SOS service – we can hold down the emergency button and they will send someone to rescue us
  • Comminications – it allows us to send a receive text messages from anywhere – no cell signal needed
    (there is a button on the map page linked below if you want to send us a message – remember, we are riding motorcycles, so we might not respond right away)
  • Tracking – It will upload our location every 10 minutes to a map online

The last item is what this post is about…

If you want to follow the progress and know where we are all the time (you stalker), you can find us on this map:
The map is password protected because you can send a message to us from the map.
(the password is the destination of the trip – all lower case no spaces)
This end of the ride is “pikespeak” (wink-wink)