Yes, we changed the route – the miles are now 330 and the hours are still 36. There SHOULD not be any gravel roads. However, there may be some places where the road has changed or the satellite images were misleading.

We will depart at 7:30 sharp Friday Morning.

Meet at the Yankeetown Fire Department Parking Lot a little after 7AM so we can sync up.

Currently we have five confirmed bikes and (possibly a sixth) and one car taking the route to camp. There are also two or three car drivers leaving after work on Friday to arrive later Friday evening.

The address of the campground is:

Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area Campground
Box Turtle, Brandenburg, KY 40108

We will be camping in the “primitive” tent camping area (no electricity). We do not have space reserved, so we don’t know exactly what our location will be until we get there.

The folks traveling “the route” on Saturday will leave at 9AM sharp (Eastern time) on Saturday morning for the route home, but anyone can decide to forgo the long way home and hang at camp longer if they like (it would be possible to meet in Hawesville even and do part of the route home)


Camp Gear:
I think everyone has worked out tent arrangements. If you don’t know for sure you have a tent over you for the night, let me know. Bring your own sleeping bag and comfort items. If you are on a bike, we can load stuff into the car so you don’t need to carry it with you. Get with me before Thursday night to load up stuff in the car.

Everyone will supply their own food this time around. We have lunch stops scheduled on Friday and Saturday as well as frequent stops where snacks and drinks will be easy to get. You won’t need to pack any food or drinks for the time on the road (unless you want to of course). There will also be a cooler in the car, so you can pack a few small things there too.

For diner Friday night and breakfast Saturday morning, we will be making a stop at a Kroger a few miles before we arrive at the campground. We will work out dinner plans there at the store. There will be paper plates, plastic utensils, basic seasonings and a kettle / aero press / coffee in the car. If you have something specific for dinner or breakfast in mind and need special equipment (pots, pans, skewers etc…) make sure you get those to me before Thursday so we can load them in the car. Please keep it simple, we want to travel light this trip.

Hint: at least two people are gonna go for a “fire grilled” STEAK Friday night – so if you wanna do that you can – or if you prefer a hot dog or PB&J… that works too.

Route Details

I have created the route using Furkot and then transferred the GPS to Rever for navigation. If you download the Rever app you can connect with me as a “friend” so I can share the route with you before Friday.

We will be making frequent stops… some of these will be short leg-stretch breaks where we will leave the helmets on, some will be fuel stops or bathroom breaks. There are a few scheduled for up to 30 minutes for us to take in some sites. We’ll do our best to maintain the schedule so we arrive at camp early enough to set up well before dark, and arrive home before we “create grief” with family members.

Fuel Range:
The longest stretch between fuel stops is about 60 miles on Friday. We do have a 100 mile stretch between fuel stops on Saturday. That shouldn’t be a problem for any of the bikes on the trip, and we’ll make sure to point out the morning stop on Saturday to make sure everyone can make the 100mile distance.

If you follow the links in the maps below you can see detailed time for each stop.

Kentuckiana – There

Kentuckiana – Back Again