Project SL175 on the road – Finished and Gone

Our project Honda SL175 motorcycle started off in the fall of 2018. We set out to capture the build in photos and video and then use the bike on our epic road trip adventures. I feel the need to apologize for some odd reason, but the timeline of the videos and this website just don’t really line up with the “real world”.

On this website and YouTube videos, the bike seems to have been stuck in the build phase for over two years. As I create this post about the bike being finished at the end of 2020 you might expect more videos and stories about the Honda SL175 project to be posted now that the bike is FINALLY done.

Well, here is the unfortunate truth. We finished the bike in the winter of 2019, rode it summer and fall of 2019, my son took a spill in December of 2019 and lost interest in riding… (no serious injuries, but enough to keep him on 4 wheels) so the bike was sold off in the spring of 2020. Since this website and corresponding videos are just a hobby project for us, we are seriously behind on posting.

Both of these bikes excel on the country roads of southern Indiana

The story of this bike concludes on a happy note for all of us. We had a great time building it, it turned out awesome, was fun to ride for a season, and we made decent money for our time and effort (I mean, if you calculate the hours spent building it we probably made like $3 per hour… but still we ended with more cash than we spent, so that is a win in our books).

So enjoy the photos and video of the bike, and know there are more projects that we have been working on that we haven’t had the time to publish… so stay tuned.