Fifty year old wheels and spokes that have seen significant abuse need to be rebuilt and trued up for the Honda. However, before the spokes can go on, the rubber cushion bushings that attach the sprocket to the hub need to be replaced. The deteriorated condition of the rubber had caused the mounting holes in the sprockets to be deformed and sloppy.

Drilling out the rubber from the drive cushion bushings.

These bushing were not going to give up without a fight. They were desperate to remain in the hub. Drilling, pulling grinding and ultimately a good beating with a hammer.

Ultimately, brute force was require to remove the rubber sprocket bushings.

Now on to the spokes. The front wheel on the SL175 is 19 inches. This proved to make it tricky to buy spokes. There are many places on the web that provide instruction for installing spokes, and it really isn’t too big of a job, so we made the video quick and simple… you can pause and replay if you want to take a closer look.

Spokes got on easily enough… it just takes time and patience.