Planning our trip to Pikes Peak we came accross an article on the Missouri Tourism site highlighting the ability to still find roadside parks on the backroads in their state.

We hope to see some on our trip, and will dutifully plan to find, explore and document their existence.

I can remember growing up there were at least 4 or 5 within just a few miles of my house here in Southern Indiana. Most consist of only a small half circle gravel loop, and a picnic table or two. They provided a place for travelers to stop, have a meal, and stretch their legs in an era before fast food and convenient stores dotted our highways.

Locally, there are a couple places where you can still see signs of a pull off, but nothing that is actually useful. Just as well I suppose. I don’t know of anyone who would stop and take a break on the roadside when only an extra mile or two there are 5 fast food restaurants and 3 gas stations / convenient stores.

Anyway, take a look at this article and keep your eyes open as you travel. These are endangered specimens of travel times past.