Introducing the project Honda SL175. We picked this bike up with our buddy Will. They were located a few hours away over in East St. Louis. It was a “two-for-one” deal. A 1970 Honda CB175 and a 1970 Honda SL175. 

The bikes are both very similar sharing most of the main components with only a slight difference in frames and wheels / tires. Both bikes are in need of a good overhaul, but the CB is much closer to road ready. 

We’ll be going over these bikes to figure out what they need, and how best to get them back into duty. All of us have various experience levels with wrenching on projects, but we share a common lack of any real experience working on bikes. So this will certainly be a learning process. 

Will has the CB175 and Spencer has taken over the SL175. 

The bikes had been in storage for over 35 years. The previous owner had passed away and the son was selling them on craigslist.
We didn’t haggle on the price – all in was $1100 for both bikes with titles. Neither of the bikes would run, but they turned over freely and were nearly complete.
The bikes are small, both of them easily fit into the back of a regular pick-up bed.
Spencer sitting on the bike getting the feel for it. This will be his very first motorcycle – and the CB175 is Will’s first bike too.